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4 business benefits of installing electrical vehicle charge points

In line with the Government’s ambition to achieve net-zero by 2050, many car buyers are now considering an electric vehicle (EV), which holds true for firms operating fleets. To ensure their company vehicles are recharged and ready to work, and staff with EVs can conveniently replenish their onboard battery packs, many businesses are now selecting to install electric charge points on their premises. Read on for some of the many advantages that enterprises can appreciate when they choose to fit these dedicated devices onsite.

Future-proofing your company

Analysts have identified that by 2030, seven out of 10 UK vehicles will be electric and that the Government is expected to put businesses that operate fleets under increasing pressure to use greener methods. This leaves less than ten years for firms to adapt the way they operate and makes installing EV charge points now a wise move.

Serving staff and client needs who have electric vehicles

EV charge points onsite can allow enterprises to charge their fleets and company cars conveniently. Still, they can also give their customers and clients a way to recharge their vehicles, building good relations. Many retail businesses that offer services or trade with the public are now installing free charging options to encourage custom.

Reducing your carbon footprint and tax benefits

Electric vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions and far less noise pollution than cars running on fossil fuels. Promoting their use or adopting them as your businesses fleet vehicles with charging points on your premises can effectively reduce your firm’s overall carbon footprint, but it can also result in savings over time, as full electrical vehicles pay no road tax or emissions charges.
There are also numerous tax benefits to having electric vehicles and charging points.

Building a green reputation

Finally, establishing electric charge points at your place of business will create a forward-thinking and green-minded image of your company with the public and potential customers. Enhancing your business brand in this way can lead to long term success.

Expert electrical services on hand

Whether you’re planning on a brand-new installation or require professional maintenance performed on your electric vehicle charging points, you can depend on our dedicated team for any assistance required.
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