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3 air conditioning maintenance tips landlords need to know

With summers getting hotter by the year and heatwaves becoming more common, air conditioning is now an essential appliance for many residential properties in the UK. For landlords, air conditioning is one of the most important and expensive systems in any property they’re responsible for.

Rather than taking the risk of an air conditioning unit failing when your renters need it the most, here are some essential maintenance tips that landlords can use to ensure their property’s air conditioning remains in perfect working order.

Change the filters on an AC unit

Changing AC filters on a regular basis is arguably the most important maintenance task that frequently gets overlooked. Make sure to inform your tenants what filters are used on their AC units and how often they should change them. Remember that different filter types have different lifespans. Cheaper filters won’t last nearly as long as more high-end alternatives.

Clear condenser drainage holes

All air conditioning units contain a component called a condenser that leaks water. The drainage hole channels the water in the right direction, but it can become clogged by minerals over time. When the drainage hole is blocked, the system backs up, and efficiency drops dramatically. Clearing the hole is simple, but many owners overlook the importance. Regularly cleaning it will prevent backups and keep the unit operating efficiently.

Clean the condenser coils

To keep an air conditioning unit operating properly, the outdoor coils need to be clear of debris. Unfortunately, over time, the condenser’s exterior fins will gather dirt and debris, reducing the AC’s efficiency and preventing heat from transferring to the outside air. This, in turn, makes circulating cold air inside more difficult.

Before cleaning the exterior fins, the system needs to be powered down. The dirt and debris can then be safely vacuumed or brushed away before the condenser coils are sprayed down with a hose. When spraying the coils, it’s important to keep the water away from the electrical box and allow the system to dry before turning it back on.

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